Sheds in Mill Hall, PA

Also Serving Lock Haven, PA
PCS Retail Store and Manufacturing Plant (Formerly Belles Springs Structures)
74 Air Strip Dr 1 Mile off I-80, Exit 178
17751 Mill Hall , PA
Pennsylvania US

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 9am-5pm  and  Saturday 9am-1pm

Pine Creek Structures Mill Hall sale lot located one mile off exit 178 of interstate 80


New Pine Creek Structures Office Building in Mill Hall, PA

Rent-to-Own with No Credit Check!

Get your own storage shed with a low down
payment and low monthly payments!




Mill Hall location ariel view

Whatever you need, we have it...
In Stock or Custom Made!

As you can see below, we offer many products
besides the ordinary, from storage sheds to
animal shelters to commercial portables and more!


The Mill Hall Lot has TONS of inventory!  See our stock structures below, or come visit us in person.




Protect your vehicle from snow this winter with a garage or shed from Pine Creek Structures

Why waste time cleaning off your vehicle every morning when you could park inside your own garage from Pine Creek Structures!?!


Our office is staffed with regular office hours all winter long! Stop in and we'll help you choose the perfect structure for your home.


Do you have a garage, but it's too cluttered to actually park inside? Get organized and move the all that clutter out of the garage and into a storage shed! With a huge variety of sizes, styles, colors, and added options to choose from, you can choose the perfect shed for your storage needs.


Scroll down to see all our in stock structures that are ready to deliver OR stop by the office and custom create your perfect structure! Don't let winter weather get you down this year.




Pine Creek Structures in Mill Hall, Pa (formerly Belle Springs Structures)

Talk to Jeff Snook, Mill Hall's Sales Lot Manager, at 570-726-7374 or [email protected]


Inventory at Mill-Hall, PA