Shooting Star Vinyl Swing set 20 month same as cash !

in Elizabethtown, Hershey, PA
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$179.00 per mo*
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18 Month, Same As Cash Financing: 
$475.00 per mo*
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Available at the Elizabethtown Pine Creek Structures at 717-361-8986.  Ask for JR or Contact him at  Contact him at 717-629-9544 after hours. We have 2 great financing plans 20 months same as cash or 13.99 interest 




24x32' Area Needed for shooting star swing set
Index #: 0a-Esg-2060 The Shooting Star
8x8' Triple deck Tower
Turbo Tube Slide, 8' Wave Slide
3' Ladder, 4' Ladder, 5' Rock Climbing Wall/Ladder Combo
4x4' Sandbox
Fabric Roof
3 position Monkey Bar
Belt Swing, Trapeze, Plastic Glider
4' Picnic Table, TicTacToe, 2x Telescopes, Periscope
2x Ship Wheels, Steering Wheel, Bubble Panel, Ball Pit w/1500 Balls
Amish built