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This 4x4 hunting blind is located at our Berlin location. Whether your a seasoned hunter or just beginning the triple trophy hunting blind is sure to deliver a trophy deer! Ideal for those with large parcels of lands, crop protection, etc as you set this blind up and it is there to last. Below are more details about the Triple Trophy Blinds - availabe in sizes 4x4, 4x6, and 6x6 rectangular and octagon. Rent to Own is not available on this structure.


At Triple Trophy Blinds we believe it’s about so much more than the hunt. We are called to be stewards of the land whether we hunt public land or have our own private parcel.

At Triple Trophy Blinds we didn’t just build another blind, we built a blind that will last a lifetime. We are passionate about the outdoors, time spent with family and friends, and most of all, enjoying the wonders of God’s creation and trying to leave things better than we found them.

Triple Trophy Blinds have exclusive weatherproof windows that stay in place no matter how far you open them. We offer trapdoor entries for a quiet, concealed approach. Our blinds feature either ladders or steps. And, very important to successful shooting, our blinds offer unparalleled shot selection. You won’t be straining to place that trophy shot!


Blind Features:

• Pressure Treated Lumber is used to build our stands. They are assembled using 1/4” x 4” construction lags and stained gray to match the blind and add longevity.

• Diagonal braces are placed on top of the 4x4 post and screwed into place. This design will ensure long term structural integrity.


• Blind Siding is a 50 yr LP SmartSide coated with 25 yr Urethane Stain. The Driftwood color was chosen to blend with the winter woods.

• Attached ladders or steps to the bottom of the stand make them sturdier and stronger

• While adding steps adds to the overall footprint of the blind, our steps are large and make them easier to use and are not as steep.

• Solid Rubber Roof (no Splices) (Quiet in the rain compared to a metal roof)

• Unique fixed position window system (the window will hold its position when you stop pushing)

• Inside Height – 6’ 6”

• Carpeted Floor helps to absorb sound when moving around or if you drop something accidentally

• Black Interior to help conceal movement when you grab your binoculars to verify a shooter buck.

The durable, affordable, storage solution.  Built Amish Tough!!
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