8x12 King Coop

in Berlin, CT
- Also serving All of CT, RI, MA,
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Total Price: 
Rent To Own: 
$221.85 per mo*
*Total price of Rent to Own service and structure: $7,986.60
*NO credit Check! Ask about all details & terms.
**Sales tax not included. Ask about all program details and terms.
A manager will contact you to provide more information on this structure

Well, we heard what our customers were seeking, and made them a product to fit their needs - a delivered chicken coop with a built in run! The King Coop has it all. From the exterior the steeper roof pitch with overhangs allows for constant air flow within the coop. On the right side there is a man door with a chick door built into it so your birds can free range. On the rear of the structure you will find access to your nesting boxes without having to go inside, with a storage area above for food and supplies. To the left of these is a man door where you can enter into the coop to easily clean it out.

This building is not in Berlin as it was sold prior to arriving - but we can order you one and you choose the color scheme!!


Doug Marcarelli, CT Business Manager 
1695 Berlin Turnpike Berlin, CT  06037
o - 203-548-7355
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5:00pm and Saturday 9am-1pm
Index #: A PV 18810
Red LP Smart Siding
White Trim
Oyster Grey Timberline Shingles
Built in Run
Access to Nesting Boxes from Exterior
50 Year LP Smart Siding
Lifetime Timberline Shingles
Free Delivery Within 20 Miles of Our Berlin Location