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Our ‘Chicken Condos’ feature a ramp leading down to a lower area enclosed with wire, doubling the about of enclosed space your feathered friends have to move around. 

4x6 Mini Chicken Condo: $1,884 +tax
Shown in Photo 2

6x8 Chicken Condo: $2,441 +tax
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Our new ‘King Coops’ were designed with you in mind. While they make require a bigger space in your backyard, they provide interior access that is more comfortable for you.

6x12 King Coop: $4,021 +tax
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8x12 King Coop: $4,341 +tax
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Order your chicken coop today by visiting Pine Creek Structures of Elizabethtown, calling (717) 361-8986, or emailing

Chicken Condos: 4x6 or 6x8
King Coops: 6x12 or 8x12
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Choose from 20+ paint and polyurethane colors for your siding and trim!
Chicken Condos includes 2-5 windows, access door, turn-out doors, 3-4 nesting boxes with egg doors, roosts, and ramp from interior to wire enclosed area below.
6-Year Top-To-Bottom Warranty from Pine Creek Structures
King Coops includes 8" roof overhangs, 1x6 faceboards, 3 windows, access doors to the interior and run area, a turn-out door from the interior to exterior run, a turn-out door from the exterior run to the outside, 3-5 nesting boxes with an exterior access door, and small exterior storage area for feed. The interior area is 5' long and the exterior run area is 7' long.