Chicken Coops

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Our ‘Chicken Condos’ feature a ramp leading down to a lower area enclosed with wire, doubling the about of enclosed space your feathered friends have to move around. These models includes easy open windows, an access door, turn-out doors, nesting boxes with egg doors, roosts, and ramp from interior to wire enclosed area below.


4x6 Mini Chicken Condo: $1,604

6x8 Large Chicken Condo: $2,031


Looking for something bigger with more room to move in? Our new ‘King Coops’ were designed with you in mind. While they make require a bigger space in your backyard, they provide access that is more comfortable for you. These models includes 8" roof overhangs, 1x6 faceboards, easy open windows, an access door to the interior, an access door to the exterior run, a turn-out door from the interior to exterior run, a turn-out door from the exterior run to the outside, nesting boxes with an exterior access door, and small exterior storage area for feed.


6x12 King Coop: $3,298

8x12 King Coop: $3,617


Chicken Condos: 4x6 or 6x8
King Coops: 6x12 or 8x12
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