Why choose a play set from Pine Creek Structures?

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We believe a play set will bring children years of enjoyment. In today's fast-paced world of television and video games, a play set will allow your children to escape into a world of their own imagination. Swing sets are unmatched for aiding in children's physical, mental, social and emotional development. Exercising in fresh air stimulates muscle growth, increases coordination, and develops the mind. Outside play stimulates kids' imaginations, expanding their creative thinking.



Due to material shortages, wood play sets are not available at this time. Please consider a vinyl model instead.
Some types of slides and rides may also be temporarily unavailable. Ask your local store manager for details.


Pine Creek Structures play sets have lots of great features and benefits:

  • Stainless steal hardware resists rusting.
  • Metal brackets, rails, etc are powder-coated for long-lasting protection.
  • Nuts and bolts are recessed to avoid cuts and scrapes.
  • Corners are sanded smooth to avoid skin tears and cuts.
  • Rides include rubber coated hotdog chains.
  • Gliders are designed without a scissors motion, therefore no arms or legs can get caught while in motion.
  • Slides are made of heat resistant plastic.
  • Rubber sling-seats are used on swings to avoid splinters or hard knocks to the head or body.
  • Composite decking for durability and longevity
  • Play sets are tip-proof. An unlimited number of children can play on them and the unit will not tip over. Adults can play too!



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Play Sets can be ordered at any of our retail stores except Berlin, CT, Binghamton, NY, Millersville, MD, and Roanoke, VA.



The top 6 things you should consider when choosing a play set for your kids:

  1. The Truth About Metal Swing Sets: Metal sets are cheaper but they will cost more in the long run. Some of the big box super stores are selling metal or aluminum sets for a few hundred dollars. But when you look closely at these, they have the sturdiness of a soda can. They will only last a season or two. Then you are left with a flimsy rusting set that will be ugly and unsafe. Finding someone to remove this old set is hard and when you do find someone, you're looking at spending more on removing the old set than you may have paid for the set itself.
  2. Metal sets can tip easier than wood or vinyl sets. So not only will a cheaper set start rusting after one season, there is a bigger risk that a metal set will tip with active use. Make sure you check the product information for the weight capacity. If there is none listed, be suspicious!
  3. Wood or Vinyl: They both have a unique look and one may look better in your back yard than the other. Wood sets will require a bit more maintenance than a vinyl set will, but they do cost a little less. Vinyl sets are very low-maintainence and usually just require some cleaning season to season. See below for our own recommended "recipe" below for how to clean your vinyl set.
  4. Harmful Chemicals? If you are thinking about wood, make sure to find out if the manufacturer is using any harmful chemicals. Pine Creek Structures wooden sets are made with only safe, non toxic materials and finishes so you never have to worry about harmful effects as the kids play.
  5. Think of your set as an investment. How active are your kids? If your family is young, you can start with one of our more basic sets then add components to it as the kids get older. Where 3 and 4 year olds may be perfectly content with just the swings, a 6 year old may want a slide and 7 year olds may like the added fort or a rock wall. So rather than replacing your set every few years, a play set from Pine Creek Structures can be added to over time to keep up with your growing children. If your set will be used by more than 1 child, you should consider getting your swings in sets of 2. I talked to a customer who admitted one of the reasons they were investing in a Pine Creek Structures play set was to give her kids a fun outdoor activity they can all enjoy at the same time. She tired of being referee during all the fights over the one and only swing or toy. Even if you only have one child, think of how often they have a friend over to play.
  6. Where will the play set will go? If the lawn's not level, you may want to consider adding one of our options to the set like a 3 foot rock wall that will give the base a far stronger support but also give the kids one more activity. 
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