Why choose a play set from Pine Creek Structures?

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We believe a play set will bring children years of enjoyment. In today's fast-paced world of television and video games, a play set will allow your children to escape into a world of their own imagination. Swing sets are unmatched for aiding in children's physical, mental, social and emotional development. Exercising in fresh air stimulates muscle growth, increases coordination, and develops the mind. Outside play stimulates kids' imaginations, expanding their creative thinking.


Vinyl Play Set with Children playing



Plays sets include a variety noteworthy features including:

• Slides Made in Lancaster, PA
• Heavy Duty A-Frames
• 8ft or 10ft Swing Beams
• Smooth Non-Fading Vinyl Surface
• Trex Decking
• Powder Coated Metal Rails & Brackets
• Easy Access Points & Safety Hand Rails
• Rubber Coated Soft Grip Chains
• Stainless Steel Swing Hangers & Bolts



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Play Sets can be ordered at any of our retail stores except Berlin, CT, Binghamton, NY, Millersville, MD, and Roanoke, VA.


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