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It all starts with discarded plastic. Yes that's right, the same plastic you throw away after you drink a bottle of water. The compounds in that plastic is used to make the vinyl in our swingsets. Rest assured, all our materials are environmentally friendly and we only use stainless steel hardware!

We then cut and size lumber to provide strength and stability. We use ''lifetime guaranteed preserved wood'' and then cover it with a vinyl sleeve and caps to insure a maintenance free and splinter free finish. We use only the finest materials available. The end result is one your entire family can enjoy.

Each model is 100% customizable! Switch out rides and slides or add more as needed for your family.

Vinyl play set models are available in white, off-white, and woodgrain colors.


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The Space Shuttle Series

Play Sets for Large Families, Backyards, or Budgets
Play Sets in this series starting at $4,795.00 plus tax


The Galaxy Vinyl Play Set

The Galaxy
25' x 27'
Shown in Blue

The Space Walk Vinyl Play Set

The Space Walk
35' x 16'
Shown in Green with Wood Grain Vinyl Option

The Shooting Star Vinyl Play Set

The Shooting Star
25' x 18'
Shown in Red/Yellow

The Space Station Vinyl Play Set

The Space Station
23' x 28'
Shown in Green

The Rocket Launcher Xtreme Vinyl Play Set

The Rocket Launcher Xtreme
23' x 20'
Shown in Blue

The Eclipse Vinyl Play Set

The Eclipse
22' x 20'
Shown in Green

The Launching Pad Vinyl Play Set

The Launching Pad
30' x 18'
Shown in Green


The Pirate Ship Series

Play Sets for Medium Families, Backyards, or Budgets

Play Sets in this series starting at $4,035.00 plus tax 


The Captain's Castle Vinyl Play Set

The Captain's Castle
20' x 19'
​Shown in Blue

The Wave Rider Vinyl Play Set

The Wave Rider
23' x 25'
​Shown in Red/Yellow

The Safe Harbor Vinyl Play Set

The Safe Harbor
20' x 16'​
Shown in Green with Wood Grain Vinyl Option

The Sailor's Retreat Vinyl Play Set

The Sailor's Retreat
24' x 21'
​Shown in Blue 

The Storm Chaser Vinyl Play Set

The Storm Chaser
23' x 16'
​Shown in Blue

The Starboard Escape Vinyl Play Set

The Starboard Escape
20' x 17'
​Shown in Red/Yellow

The Captain's Peal Vinyl Play Set

The Captain's Pearl
24' x 9'
​Shown in Green

The Sea King Vinyl Play Set

The Sea King
27' x 11'
​Shown in Green

The Pirate's Palace Vinyl Play Set

The Pirate's Palace
24' x 17'
​Shown in Green


The Teddy Bear Series

Play Sets for Small Families, Backyards, or Budgets

Play Sets in this series starting at $1,630.00 plus tax


The Cubby's Fort

The Cubby's Fort
18' x 12'
​Shown in Green 

The Care Bear Castle Vinyl Play Set

The Care Bear Castle
10' x 15'
​Shown in Green

The Fuzzy Bear Ride

The Fuzzy Bear Ride
28' x 10'
​Shown in Red/Yellow

The Teddy's Tower Vinyl Play Set

The Teddy's Tower
19' x 12'
​Shown in Blue

The Honey Bear Hangout Vinyl Play Set

The Honey Bear Hangout
14' x 12'
​Shown in Blue

The Wish Bear's Dream Vinyl Play Set

The Wish Bear's Dream
26' x 14'
​Shown in Green

The Economy Vinyl Swing Set

The Economy Swingset
12' x 10'
​Shown in Green

Vinyl Play Set FAQs

Will vinyl fade, due to sun? No, it has a long lasting UV protection to keep the original color for many years.

How do we clean our vinyl playset? Very Easy! Use a soft bristled brush and soap.

Will vinyl chip or get a rough surface? Only if it is damaged with a sharp or heavy object (Example: A hammer or sharp knife).

Can I get a vinyl play set in a color other than white? Yes, we are proud to now offer a wood grain vinyl. It has the look of wood, with all the benefits of vinyl. This special option comes at an additional cost.

Will the slides get really hot in the summer time? No, the plastic material is heat resistant and will deflect most of the sun rays heat from the slides.

Can a grown adult use the swings and gliders? Sure! Go out and enjoy some fun with your children! Our playdecks have a tip-proof design and will easily support an adult.

How will my swingset be anchored into the ground? Play sets are anchored using 18" pieces of metal rebar.

Do you charge extra for delivery and installation? At Pine Creek Structures, the first 20 miles is on us! If your play set is being delivered within 20 miles of a dealer, it's included for free. After the first 20 miles, there is a small fee per additional mile. Ask your local store manager for more details.

Can I choose your Rent-To-Own program for my play set? Unfortunately our Rent To Own program is not available for play sets at this time. However, we offer a financing option with approved credit.

Where can I order a play set? All Play Sets shown can be ordered at any of our retail stores, except Binghamton, NY, Roanoke, VA, and Berlin, CT. These stores carry other play set options. Please contact them directly for your play set options.



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