Mulch & Edging

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Color Rubber Mulch


Play Set Rubber Mulch Colors: Blue, Brown, Green, Black, & Red

Available Colors:  Blue, Brown, Green, Black, and Red

• Exceptional shock absorbency
• Reduces risk of playground injuries
• Minimal Maintenance
• Dries quickly after rain and does not freeze
• Will not decompose or fad
• Non-Staining and Non-toxic
• 99.9% Steel Free
• IPEMA Certified Public Play Serface


Wood Mulch for Play Sets

Traditional Wood Mulch also available!



Flex-Wall Edging


Flex-Wall Edging for Play Sets to Keep Much Inside

Available Colors:  Coblestone, Greystone, and Sandstone

• Flexible plastic edging
• Look slike real stone
• Keeps your play area neat & tidy


Weed Guard

• Landscaping screen to keep weeds out of your play ares
• Comes in wide rolls to be cut to the desired length



Swing and Slide Mats


Swing & Slide Mats for Play Sets

• Mats also available for swings and slide landing areas.




Swing Set Buyer Responsibility

Play sets are delivered by a pickup truck and trailer. King Swings will back into your site. If your site is not accessible (fences, hedges, etc.), we must be notified when you place your order. King Swings is going into your yard at your request and therefore does not take responsibility for any damage which might occur.

NOTE ABOUT WOOD: Due to the natural aging and preserving process, pressure treated wood has a tendency to check and crack. The manufacturer and seller of this product have done their best to select quality wood to use in the construction of these playsets and can not be held liable for any checking and/or cracking that may occur in time. King Swings reserves the right to make minor product modifications to improve your child's safety and the value of this equipment.




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