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Portable One-Car Garages... Custom designed to your specs!


Our portable garages are great for use as an everyday garage, for compact tractors, or for recreational equipment. They also work great as a workshop or storage for that antique car project. Use as a backyard tinker shop, a man cave combination, or many other uses! 


Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Pine Creek Structures can create a one of a kind Custom(er) Designed Building just for you! Click here for more information.


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Peak Style Garages

Peak style garages include one 36'' entry door, one 24” x 36” window, and one 9' x 7' insulated steel garage door.

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peak style garage 1

14 x 32 Peak Style Garage

Shown with lifetime clay vinyl siding, sand trim, red shutters,  and weatherwood lifetime shingle roof. Options included: Double door (upgrade from standard single)

peak style garage 1

14 x 32 Peak Style Garage

Shown with lifetime clay vinyl siding, clay trim, red shutters, shakewood lifetime shingle roof, and sandstone garage door.

peak style garage 2

12 x 24 Peak Style Garage

Shown with beige LP siding, buckskin trim, and shakewood shingle roof. Options included: Diamond-plate threshold and ramp.

peak style garage 6

14 x 28 Peak Style Garage

Shown with beige 50-year LP siding, white trim, shakewood shingle roof, and double door (upgraded from standard single). Options included: Aluminum ridge vent.

peak style garage 4

12 x 24 Peak Style Garage

Shown with board ‘n’ batten siding, mushroom stain, barkwood shingle roof, and brown garage door.

peak style garage 5

12 x 24 Peak Style Garage

Shown with rustic cedar siding, cedar stain, barkwood shingle roof, and brown garage door. Options included: arched garage door opening, sunburst windows in garage door, arch-top entry door, arch-top window, wood vents.

peak style garage 3

12 x 24 Peak Style Garage

Shown with honey tone log siding, green shingle roof, and optional evergreen garage door. Options included: Exterior lights and wood vents.

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Dutch Style Garages

Dutch style garages include one 36'' entry door, two 24” x 36” windows, and one 9' x 7' insulated steel garage door.

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dutch style garage 5

14 x 28 Dutch Style Garage

Shown with clay lifetime vinyl siding, clay trim green shutters, and shakewood lifetime shingle roof, and almond garage door.

dutch style garage 1

12 x 24 Dutch Style Garage

Shown with beige 50-year LP siding, buckskin trim, barkwood shingle roof, and sandstone garage door.

dutch style garage 5

14 x 28 Dutch Style Garage

Shown with light gray LP siding, white trim and oyster gray shingle roof. Options included: Aluminun ridge vent, diamond-plate threshold, and ramp.

dutch style garage 5

14 x 40 Dutch Style Garage

Shown with dark gray 50-year LP siding, white trim and shutters, and oyster gray shingle roof. Options included: Double door (upgraded from standard single) and shingle-over ridge vent.

dutch style garage 5

14 x 32 Dutch Style Garage

Shown with board 'n' batten siding, mushroom stain, green lifetime shingle roof, and brown garage door. Options included: 12''x12'' endvents and 9x8 garage door upgrade.

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Cape Cod Style Garages

Cape Cod style garages include one 36'' entry door, two 24” x 36” windows, and one 8' x 7' insulated steel garage door.

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vinyl cape cod style garage 2

12 x 24 Cape Cod Style Garage

Shown with classic sand lifetime vinyl siding, clay trim and corners, green shutters, shakewood lifetime shingle roof, and sandstone 8x7 garage door. Options included: Upgraded garage door with windows, shingle-over ridge vent and diamond-plate threshold.

cape cod style garage 1

12 x 24 Cape Cod Style Garage

Shown with buckskin 50-year LP siding, burgundy trim, weatherwood shingle roof, double windows (upgraded from standard single) and sandstone 8x7 garage door. Options included: Shingle-over ridge vent and diamond-plate threshold.

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Custom Built Garages

If You Can Dream It, WE CAN BUILD IT! Any building can be modified or customized to accommodate your needs, including garages! Ask about shelving, workbenches with pegboard, loft, metal roofing, electrical package, garage door openers, extra doors or windows, and much more.

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cape cod style garage 2

12 x 24 Victorian Style Garage

Shown with board ‘n’ batten siding, cedar stain, and brown 8x7 garage door. Options included: Green metal roof color.

custom garage 1

12 x 24 Custom Peak Style Garage

Shown with lifetime sand vinyl siding, and clay trim & shutters. Options included: Clay metal roof, diamond-plate threshold, 9-lite windows in door, and colonial garage door with windows.

custom garage 1

14 x 24 Custom Peak Style Garage

Shown with clay lifetime vinyl siding, red trim, and weatherwood lifetime shingle roof.

custom garage 1

14 x 36 Custom Dutch Style Garage

Shown with sand lifetime sand vinyl siding with countryside green wainscote, and green metal roof. Options included: Extra 24''x36'' window and exterior lighting.

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2-Car Modular and On Site Garages

Double Wide, two car vinyl sided garage from Pine Creek Structures

Looking for a bigger structures?  Take a look at our 2-Car Modular Garages!

Delivered in two prefabricated sections and assembled on site.

Choose Vinyl or LP Siding. Standard sizes ranging from 20x24 to 24x40.


Two Stories Garages are also available. We also build pole buildings and multi-car custom garages at your location. Ask your local sales manager for more details

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Features and Benefits

All Heavy Duty standard building include our 6-YEAR Top-to-Bottom WarrantySee why Pine Creek Structures is different below.


Pine Creek Structures Features:

Yes There IS a Difference!
Compare to Other Manufacturers

What's the benefit
of this feature?

1. GAF / ELK lifetime warranted architectural shingles.architectural shingles.

1.Three-tab shingles with 25 or 30 year warranty, or architectural shingles with lesser sealing qualities, lesser warranties and quality of shingles. 1. GAF / ELK is the best sealing and highest quality shingle we have ever used. The lifetime architectural shingle adds beauty and an extended life to your roof. This shingle has great wind resistance.

2. All shingles are installed with nails.

2. Shingles installed with staples. 2. Shingles installed with nails have a much better holding power and a greater wind resistance.

3. 3/4” Tongue & Groove engineered floor sheeting with Zinc Borate treatment and coated overlay on face of floor.

3. 5/8” Plywood floor on 16” center spacing has 150 pounds per square foot weight rating. Plywood carries no moisture resistance treatment or qualities. 5/8” plywood floor on 12” center spacing is rated at 270 pounds per square foot. 3. 3/4” Engineered sheeting gives you added support needed for cars or trucks and other heavy equipment. Exceeds 430 pounds per square foot weight rating. Tongue and groove gives you added support at joists and assures tight fits at all seams. Zinc Borate treatment is a long-acting preservative against water or moisture. This product is termite and insect proof. The coated overlay gives you a clean appearance and makes clean-up jobs much easier.

4. All structural components are fastened with nails.

4. Staples are commonly used for many construction applications. 4. Nails offer more holding power and ensure that your structure will stay as secure as the day it was built.

5. Insulated garage doors with vinyl garage door seal. (25 gauge steel; R-6.62 insulated.) Raised-panel woodgrain with baked-on polyester paint in 4 colors.

5. Garage doors of lesser quality and strength.(Lighter gauge metal garage doors or non-insulated garage doors.) 5. Heavy steel panels and steel framing give your door added strength. Insulation also increases door strength and makes door operate much more quietly. Beautiful raised panel appearance and 4 color choices for an attractive, durable finish.

6. Lifetime warranted Vinyl siding made from 100% Virgin PVC with no additives for fillers.

6. Many vinyl sidings on the market use fillers such as sand or other by-products to reduce the amount of resins needed to make the siding. This is why many vinyl sidings fade after installation. 6. You get the peace of mind that your shed has one of the best vinyl sidings on the market. This 100% PVC product is guaranteed not to fade as it ages. It has one of the better wind load and impact resistance ratings on the market.

7. Torsion springs on garage doors

7. Exposed extension springs and cables on pulleys. 7. Quieter and smoother operation. No risk of bodily injury or property damage from malfunctioning springs or cables. Virtually maintenance free. Almost double the life expectancy of extension springs.

8. Shingle cuts extended past drip edge.

8. Shingles cut flush with the end of the drip edge. As shingles age they will shrink, exposing the drip edge to rain and snow. When this happens, water will run underneath your shingles and rot out your roof. 8. Shingles that are extended past the roof edges allow for shrinkage and preserve your building for decades of use.

9. Slanted pressure-treated 2x6 threshold.

9. Exposed floor sheeting with no slant to turn water away from bottom of garage door. 9. Slanted entry turns water away from garage door, helping to eliminate wood rot. It also provides easier entry and exit of your garage.

10. Pressure-treated 2x4 floor joists & 4x4 runners.

10. Regular kiln dried 2x4 floor joists. 10. Pressure treated floor joists add many years of rot-free protection to your floor. Your building will only last as long as the foundation it is built on!

11. 12-inch on-center spacing on floor joists is standard on all garage packages.

11. 16” on center joist spacing on floor joist. (In many cases you pay extra for 12” center spacing.) 11. 12” center joist spacing with 3/4” tongue & groove flooring increases the weight capacity of your floor to 430 pounds per square foot (compare to 240 pounds per square foot at 16” centers).

12. 6-inch solid reinforcement at impact point in floor framing.

12. Single 2x4 or double 2x4; in some cases not even pressure-treated. 12. 6-inch reinforcement adds strength at the crucial part of your floor where you pull into the garage. Keeps your floor from bowing up in the center, so your garage door will close properly across the bottom.

13. Double studded corners in wall framing.

13. Single-studded corners. 13. Ensures you extra strength and stability at the corners of your structure.

14. Double top wall plates.

14. Single-plated top wall plates. 14. Strengthens the walls at a crucial structural point. Keeps your walls from bowing out and ensures that your roof will not sag or bow.

15. Interlocking top wall plates at corners.

15. Wall plates are just butted together and toe-nailed. 15. The wall plate corners fit together snug like a puzzle, then are nailed thru the top plate into the bottom plate. This ensures you a rock-solid corner joint that will not separate.

16. High quality kiln dried framing lumber with very few knots and little or no bark. Spaced on 16-inch centers for framing.

16. Lower quality lumber that has not been properly dried will crack, twist or bow as it dries out. Improperly dried wood will also grow mold and fungus. 16. All wood used is guaranteed to be structurally sound. The inside of your building will have a clean appearance. You will see very little, if any imperfections on the lumber. We guarantee termite-free and mold-free wood. 2x4’s are spaced on 16” centers for a solid structure.

17. Woodgrain vinyl-coated aluminum trim. *Vinyl garages only.

17. Flat painted aluminum trim with no wood grain. 17. Beautiful woodgrain vinyl coating; has better fade resistance; is thicker and more rigid, making it buckle-resistant and impact-resistant.

18. Aluminum trim with double-bent edges. *Vinyl garages only.

18. Edges with no bends that have no protection against buckling. 18. Double-bent edges keep the trim more rigid and protect it from buckling. It also has a stronger wind resistance.

19. Stainless steel butt hinges. *Vinyl garages only.

19. Steel T-hinges that are screwed to the face of the door. These hinges will eventually run rust streaks down over the face of your door. 19. Stainless steel will never rust. The screws are concealed, making the door burglar-resistant. No screw holes in the face of the door.

20. Fiberglass entry door with keyed lock (standard on vinyl garages). *Vinyl garages only.

20. A wood door covered with vinyl siding or a steel entry door. (A steel entry door is very easy to dent and if scratched it is impossible to touch up so that it cannot be seen. Steel doors also have exposed wood around the sides which will eventually rot.) 20. Fiberglass doors are the most durable doors on the market. Fiberglass doors have a high impact resistance. If ever scratched, they can easily be touched up. Has a beautiful raised panel woodgrain appearance. They will never rust, and all edges are sealed with no wood exposed to the elements. The interior core of the door is insulated with spray foam insulation.

21. 16” overhang above garage door (applies to Peak style only, in any siding choice). *Vinyl garages only.

21. Flush or no overhang. 21. Adds extra protection from snow and ice buildup in front of the garage door. Adds beauty to your building.

22. Three-inch roof overhang on all sides. LP smart Side/Duratemp garages only.

22. No overhangs or flush gables. 22. Gives added protection from rain, snow and ice, especially above doors and windows. Will keep more moisture away from your building.

23. 2 x 4 door frames, set on edge for better support. *LP smart Side/Duratemp garages only.

23. 2x3 or 2x4 door frames laid flat. In some cases, no door frames. 23. 2 x 4's set on the edge will keep your doors rigid, discouraging the top of your doors from bowing out and being open to the elements, and also keeping the bottom of the doors tight to discourage entry of unwelcome critters.

24. Exclusive piano hinge. *LP smart Side/Duratemp garages only.

24. Steel T-hinges that will eventually rust. 24. The piano hinge has continuous support along the entire door. It is fully aluminum and will never rust. Unlike T-hinges, the fasteners are covered by trim, making it burglar-resistant.

25. LP Smart Side®, (our preferred choice) with a 50-year warranty against splitting, cracking, delamination and face defects. This product has a coated finish on the interior side. Also available: Fir Duratemp plywood siding with a hardboard exterior face. Both are available in 22 colors. (Siding panels are factory pre-primed.) LP smart Side/Duratemp garages only.

25. Regular plywood-type T-111 with a non-coated exterior finish. As this product ages, it will actually wick moisture, causing separation and delamination to the entire panel. (Un-primed exterior siding products.) 25. LP SmartSide is designed to withstand many years of exposure to the environment (50 year warranty). With a warranty like this you can’t go wrong! This is an engineered product with zinc borate treatment (a long-acting treatment against moisture, mold and termites). The interior of this siding has a coating which gives your interior a consistent appearance. Fir Duratemp plywood siding has a hardboard exterior finish, which is insect and moisture repellent. (Factory pre-primed panels add another layer of protection against Mother Nature. It also improves the quality of paint finish on your building.)

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Heavy Duty Building Specifications

Delivered fully finished, ready to use, to your specifications and color choices. Discover the Value!

1. Framing Specs:

All framing components are made of high quality, kiln dried 2x4’s. We guarantee clean, termite-free and mold-free wood, with a beautiful appearance. All framing is spaced at 16” on center for walls and roof (except the walls on board ‘n’ batten sided garages, where 2x4’s run horizontally on 24” centers).

2. Roof Sheathing:

Standard roof sheathing is 7/16” OSB or 1/2” CDX plywood. (Standard product will vary by sales location). You have a choice of which product you want installed on your roof.

3. Shingle Roof:

Choose from 7 standard colors, or exact matching is also available. Architectural shingles are standard, and carry a lifetime warranty. Drip edge is used on all roof edges. (We recommend adding a ridge vent to eliminate fumes and intense heat buildup in the roof of your garage). We also offer metal roofing.

4. Exterior Sheathing/Siding Combination:

For T-111 garages: Our standard wall sheathing/siding for T-111 style garages is LP Smart Side,® which carries a 50-year warranty against splitting, cracking, or delamination. We recommend this product for durability. We also offer a fir plywoodbased product called Duratemp. Both products are available in 22 colors. (Standard product will vary by sales locations. Ask your sales rep which product is best for your application.)

5. Wall Sheathing:

For vinyl, cedar, or log-sided garages: Our standard wall sheathings (underneath these siding applications) are 7/16” OSB or 1/2” CDX plywood. Standard product will vary by sales location. You have a choice of which product you want installed underneath your siding.)

6. Vinyl Siding:

Standard vinyl siding (4 1/2” Dutch lap) carries a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Available in 8 standard colors and 15 optional colors. You also have the option of exactly matching your house siding.

7. Wood Siding:

Board ‘n’ Batten, log, and cedar siding comes with 5 stain choices.

8. Windows:

All Dutch Barn and Cape Cod style garages include two 24” x 36” windows. All Peak style garages include one 24” x 36” window. LP-sided, Duratemp-sided, and vinyl-sided garages are standard with aluminum single-hung windows with screens. (Shutters are standard with all aluminum windows). Board ‘n’ Batten, log-sided and cedar-sided garages are standard with rustic hand-made single-hung wood windows. (Wood windows do not include shutters).

9. Doors:

36” wide entry door is standard in all garages. All wood-sided garages include an entry door with matching siding. All vinyl-sided garages include a 36” x 72” fiberglass raised-panel entry door.

10. Garage Doors:

9x7 steel insulated garage door is standard in all Peak and Dutch Garage packages. Cape Cod standard with 8x7 door. Optional wider or taller garage doors are available in some sizes and styles.

*Doors and windows can be placed wherever you prefer, at no additional cost!


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