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In Stock Custom Cabins

The structures below are IN STOCK and ready for delivery!

Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know what you have in mind and your budget. We'll help you custom design your dream cabin, big or small! Choose an unfinished interior and do it yourself, or let us finish it for you. If you can dream it, we can build it! See some of our standard cabin options here.


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Please note: Our Rent-To-Own program is not available on buildings for residential use, including cabins.

Getaway Cabins

A Home Away From Home... Whether you are looking for a basic cabin shell that you can finish yourself or a turn-key cabin with all the bells and whistles that is ready to move into, just bring us your ideas! We will help you create that special place of your own. Include a fully finished interior, multiple bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a laundry/mud room.

You have multiple siding options or we can even build with solid logs. Interior finishes are available from basic to immaculate rustic wood finishes. To keep your cabin warm and cozy, it can be insulated. Standard wall and ceiling finishes include knotty pine or drywall. Your choice of flooring includes carpet, hardwood, or vinyl. It's your cabin after all, so the choice is up to you!

If your cabin cannot be delivered fully assembled or your needs are larger than we can transport, we can also build at your location to your specifications.
Please note: Our Rent-To-Own program is not available on buildings you intend to live in, including cabins.

Cabins can be modified or customized to meet your needs and budget...

Your imagination is the only limitation! The possibilities are endless!

The Wylde Series Hunting Blind

Designed by hunters… for hunters.


The Wylde Series from Pine Creek Structures are hunting blinds that have got you covered! All models are available prefabricated and ready to hunt in or in kit form. Just grab your coffee, lunch box, and a small heater and you're set for an all-day hunt. While your buddies are back at camp trying to get warm and dry, you can be taking advantage of extra hunting hours in any weather. The 4'x6' area easily fits two chairs. This is a great way to spend time with youth or senior hunters!


The oval design of our blinds is a result of years of experimenting with different blind designs. Unlike square blinds, our oval shape gives you a 360 degree view with minimal movementThe window height is just right for a comfortable lawn chair, so you can sit and watch all day long. We even designed a special slide-down window system to eliminate movement in front of the window while opening… More more getting busted at the moment of truth!

Have your own idea about what your hunting blind or deer stand should look like? Call or stop into a location nearby and talk to a sales manager. We'll help you design a one-of-a-kind blind just for you!


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The Hideaway Hunting Blind

The Hideaway Hunting Blind from the Wylde Series from Pine Creek Structures

Finally a tower stand that is completely designed with the hunter in mind!


Looking for an enclosed tower stand? Check out our Hideaway model. It's elevated 8-feet off the ground. You not only get to stay high and dry; you also get a 360 degree view of your surroundings, thanks to our unique and virtually silent window system. Being comfortable all day will help you to stay focused longer, and you’ll truly discover what “Wylde” treasures your property holds! 


The Hideaway Tower Blind Includes:

• Pressure Treated 4x4 Posts

• Pressure Treated 2x6 and 2x4 Frame

• 4x6 Floor Frame with 2x2 Porch

• Rubber Roof that will last a lifetime

• Camouflaged 50-Year Warranted LP Siding

• 4 Fixed and 4 One-Piece Quiet Slide Down Windows





The Ambush Hunting Blind

The Ambush Hunting Blind from the Wylde Series from Pine Creek Structures

The Ambush Hunting Blind from the Wylde Series from Pine Creek Structures

An enclosed blind for when a tower stand isn't the right solution..

The Ambush utilizes the same function to form styling that is found in all our Wylde Series models. Designed with the price conscious hunter in mind (without sacrificing quality in any way), this a base model that can easily be upgraded to the Hideaway model later. Based on what our Canadian friends have been using successfully for years, the Ambush is perfect for areas where a traditional tower stand may not be suited for.


The Hideaway Tower Blind Includes:

• Rubber Roof that will last a lifetime

• Camouflaged 50-Year Warranted LP Siding

• 4 One-Piece Quiet Slide Down Windows

• 4 Fixed Windows





Sun-Mar Composting Toilets and Garden Composters

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Sun-Mar Composting Toilets


Sun-Mar toilets are the safest and most environmentally friendly method of waste treatment. These composting toilets evaporate liquids and compost the solids, so on most models there is absolutely no output and no contamination of ground water. Sun-Mar composting toilets have saved over 3.3 billion gallons of water and counting!


Sun-Mar is a world leader in composting toilet technology with a unique, patented Bio-drum™ design that means fast, odor-free composting. Sun-Mar toilets are the only ones certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard #41 for residential and cottage use (most regulators require NSF certification). They're designed so air is constantly being drawn in and up the vent stack providing odor-free operation. Sun-Mar’s unique 3 chamber technology means easy operation and maintenance.


They are an ideal solution...

• Where it's not possible or cost-effective to install a conventional toilet

• As an environmentally friendly alternative

• For homes, garages, warehouses, barns, pool cabanas, cabins, mines, RV’s, boats, and other locations


What is Composting?

Composting converts organic matter back to its essential minerals. Aerobic microbes do this in the presence of moisture and air, by converting carbon to carbon dioxide gas, and hydrogen to water vapor. As a result, some 95% of the starting material is evaporated and the resulting compost is recycled back to nature.



General Benefits

• No Plumbing

• No Water

• Odor-Free

• Inexpensive Solution


Environmental Benefits

• No Pollution

• Save Water

• Recycle Nutrients

• Little or No Liquid Output