Storage Sheds vs. Self Storage: Which one wins?

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It has become an increasingly common problem for homeowners to have more stuff then they have space to store it. Many homeowners tell the same story of having so many boxes, tools, lawn equipment, kid’s toys, and other ‘stuff’ in their garage that they have to park their vehicles outside. When you finally hit your breaking point and decide it’s time to clear out and get organized, which is better: self storage or a storage shed?

Self Storage CenterStorage Shed in Backyard


Storage sheds win on the convenience factor. A shed is delivered right to your home and is always accessible. When you need to get something out of storage, just walk over to your shed anytime. Self storage units require traveling from home to the facility. If you plan on moving many items or large items, you may have to make multiple trips or rent a truck.



This cost factor is a little trickier to declare a winner. Self storage requires a monthly fee for using the space. At the end of your need for the space, you do not have anything to show for the money you have put out. If you only need short-term, temporary storage, this may be a cost-effective solution. As a long-term solution, a shed is the way to go. With a storage shed, you have something to show for you money. You’ve added extra space and value to your home. If you are worried about the large upfront cost of a shed, breathe easy! Pine Creek Structures offers financing programs and a rent to own program that split up the cost into monthly payments, making your shed easily affordable.



Another factor to consider is security. The security systems at self storage facilities can vary greatly. They may have a fence, cameras, guards, a combination, or no secuirty measures at all. Many homeowners receive peace of mind knowing their belongings are right in their own backyard within sight.


After considering the major factors of convenience, cost, and security, the question of storage shed or self storage leans heavily towards investing in a building right in your own backyard. Stop by your local Pine Creek Structures store to discuss all your storage options with a shed expert.



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