2020 Team Meeting Follow Up Survey

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We hope you all had a good experience at our annual Team Meeting this year and left with motivation to work as a team to build our future as a company together!

To help us better plan next year's meeting, please fill out the following survey. Let us know how we did this year and what you'd like to see next year. Feel free to provide as much detail as desired (only the first question is required). If you want your submission to be anonymous, make sure you are logged out.


Thank You!




The Room, Theme, and Decorations

I liked it.I neither liked nor disliked it.I didn't like it.
What did you think about how the room was set up this year (seating, projector, food line, etc)?
What did you think about this year's decorations?
What did you think about this year's gifts (coasters, rain gauges, etc)?


The Food


Conference Speakers/Sessions