Cottage Style Storage Sheds

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Superior Heavy Duty Construction

The cottage style is an appealing model for your backyard, this model features an 18" overhang on the front eaves side over the doors and the windows. The off-center roof line gives your building a distinct look to compliment your landscape.

Cottage style features an offset saltbox slope roof with an 18” overhang on the front side eaves. Available in 17 standard sizes from 6x6 through 12x40 in a variety of siding and color options.


Cottage Style Storage Sheds

Heavy Duty Cottage sheds include one double door and two windows (choice of size with shutters). 

6’ wide buildings include one 36” entry door and one window with shutters.



mushroom stained board 'n' batten run-in horse barn

10 x 14 Vinyl Cottage

Shown with clay lifetime vinyl siding,

red trim & shutters, weatherwood lifetime

shingle roof, and 18 x 36 windows.

Options Included: Diamond-plate tread at

door and shingle-over ridge vent.



8 x 12 LP Smart Side Cottage

Shown with Navajo white LP Smart Side siding,

buckskin trim, shakewood lifetime

roof, and 18 x 36 windows.

Options Included: Cupola and weathervane.



10 x 14 LP Smart Side Cottage

Shown with buckskin LP Smart Side siding,

White trim, avocado shutters, and

Weatherwood lifetime shingles.

Options include: New England Package

and archtop wooden gable end vents


10 x 16 LP Shiplap Cottage


Shown with clay LP shiplap siding, white trim, burgundy

doors and shutters, and shakewood lifetime shingles.

Options Included: New England package, 8’’ gable

overhangs, wood gable end vents, aluminum

ridge vent, and 5’ pressure treated ramp.



8 x 12 Cedar Cottage

Shown with cedar stained cedar siding,

red metal roof, and 24 x 36 wood windows.

Options Included: Metal roof.


12 x 24 Board 'N' Batten Cottage

Shown with mushroom stained Board ‘N’ Batten

siding, shakewood lifetime shingle roof,

and 24 x 36 standard wood windows.

Options Included: One extra double door

and 12 x 12 wood gable vents.

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New England Upgrades


new england style cottage shedGive your shed a sophisticated

look with any of our New

England style upgrades!

New England upgrades include:

(1) Wider Face Boards

(2) Wider Corner Trim

(3) 'Z' Shutters

(4) Transom Doors

(5) Higher Walls

(6) Wider Door Trim




Standard vs. New England Cottages