Bargain Structures in Stock

Demos, Repos, Cancellations, Over Stocks, And More... All for a steal!

Listed below are the very best prices we have on in stock buildings from all our locations.


These structures have been retired to our bargain corner for a couple of reasons:

  • They could be a customized structure that customer later canceled
  • Many of the bargain corner structures were floor models or demo models that we've used as a display for a while.
    We may need to make room for our newer demos!
  • We may have overstocked one of our sales lots with this style shed.
  • It may be a structure that was reprocessed.
  • And even a few items that have some really minor cosmetic flaws or unpopular colors that could be fixed/changed easily.

See something you like but not close to the location? Call the sales manager and ask about delivery fees to find out how much delivery would be to your home. Even with delivery added on, some of these buildings are still as bargain!

*Buildings listed in the Bargain Corner are sold as is (with no top-to-bottom warranty from Pine Creek Structures) and require 4 monthly payments down if you choose our Rent To Own program.


Keep an eye on these great deals in the Bargain Corner and pick one out today!
New additions are being added regularly, so check back often!

6x8 Chicken Condo
at Zelienople, Cranberry, Butler County, PA
10 x 10 Madison Mini Barn
at Zelienople, Cranberry, Butler County, PA
8x10 Madison Peak Storage Shed
at Zelienople, Cranberry, Butler County, PA